Making the Most of your Wedding Photography

I was asked to give a talk today at Vallum Farm Wedding fair, on how to make the most of your wedding photography. Now what I didn’t want this to turn into was me talking about Xtraordinary Photography, I wanted to get across the importance of choosing the right photographer, ensuring the day is planned and what you can do to make your images extra special.

Here is a snippet about what I talked about;


Communicate with your photographer regularly, building a strong relationship based on trust, build a strong rapport and ensure your photographer knows what you want from your photography. Ask your photographer for recommendations on suppliers, venues and styles. They will have seen a lot over the years and should have good contacts and relationships with other suppliers in the industry.

Let your photographer know of any changes in timings from the original plan, keep them in the loop they will appreciate it!





Minimise stress on your day by thoroughly planning your shot list- if there are specific group shots you may want, let your photographer know. Group shots take time to set out and organise and can cause distress to your guests if they are standing around for long periods of time. Try to minimise the number of group shots rather than going for “The usual set”.


A lot of photographers now offer engagement shoots which are a fantastic tool to help you feel relaxed on your wedding day. Your photographer should walk you through some of the things they may ask you to do on the day and try to make you feel as relaxed as possible about your wedding day photography.


The more you get to know your photographer, the more you should feel at ease and able to enjoy your day- remember the photographer is there to record your day- not dictate it. Set out what you want right from your first meeting and then you can relax knowing nothing unexpected will creep up on the day. Remember- Don’t worry, be happy!




Bridal Preparation can either strike fear in the heart of those who don’t want or understand the benefits of it, or, be just another part of your wedding photography. If you’re having full day coverage from your photographer, the bridal preparation is a huuuuuuuge way to start telling the story of your day. It can give the most real emotions of excitement, nervousness and often the need for Champaign!


If you afford to it is worth trying to get ready at a hotel- this gives a feel of luxury and helps with the relaxation of certainly the Bride and Bridesmaids. Pamper yourselves, order some Champaign to the room and enjoy the space and freedom that most Bridal suites allow. These rooms also allow lots of light with big windows and beautiful furniture which can again add another element to your images. But don’t fear, if a Bridal suite in a hotel isn’t an option- use the largest and brightest room of your home- draw the curtains and do exactly the same- enjoy the space and pamper yourselves have fun and relax- this will be evident in your images if you feel relaxed.


2012-08-12_014 copy


Detail. Detail. Detail. One of the biggest travesty of any wedding is that all of the hard work and planning that goes into the little details is often lost in the day itself and they often go unseen. Make sure you have all of the little details out and ready for your photographer arriving such as your shoes, jewellery, cards and presents from the hubby to be, and good luck charms.

These details are another great way to tell the story of the day and show all of the hard work that has gone into the planning


2012-08-19_002 copy


Make the most of the Light. Unfortunately we are not blessed with the best light in the UK, however, we can still make the most of what we have…even if it rains. Some of the best light you could hope for is around an hour before sunset- this is known to photographers as the “Golden Hour”. This is when the sun is just starting its decent and brings a beautiful golden glow and can create a sensation sunset with the correct conditions. Speak to your photographer about utilising this light and nipping out with them even if only for 5-10 minutes and get some shots in this light. It really will add another dimension to your images.


2012-08-20_009 copy



Hiring Professional Hair and Makeup can be another way to minimise stress, save time and ensure that you (and your bridal party) look amazing. Although lots of brides are 100% comfortable with doing their own hair and makeup, a professional will know exactly how to design your hair and makeup and also how to implement in the best way for longevity and to ensure it photographs beautifully. Have a trial for your hair and make up, tell them what you want and listen to their suggestions and come up with a plan that will match the style of your day.




The most important message I have is, be realistic about your photography– if a price seems too good to be true, most of the time it is. If you want a top quality photographer with amazing products you WILL have to pay a premium for it. Speak to lots of photographers and meet lots of photographers to ensure you get what is right for you. Ask questions and be upfront about what you want.



2012-08-20_008 copy

All images taken and owned by Xtraordinary Photography

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4 thoughts on “Making the Most of your Wedding Photography

  1. Quaint and beautiful. I love simplicity.

  2. Love the details – Especially the perfume shot! What a great guide!

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