Quick Tip Monday Week 1- Get down to their level!

Now as well as running quarterly workshops for parents on how to capture more natural– more fun and more professional images of their children; I will also be posting weekly quick tips to get out there and try with your own children or grandchildren..

Todays’ tip is all about getting down to the eye level of your child, and I guess metaphorically (I know, big word for a Monday afternoon) it also means have some fun at their level as you will see a difference in the images. I talk to my attendees about getting to a good location to take images of your children; whether it be the garden, a park or a beach, or just somewhere the kids enjoy going to. It makes for a fantastic treat for having a few images taken as well as giving you a varied backdrop of colour, nature and buildings too.

No matter what type of camera you own, even if it is on your phone, get down to your child’s eye level and tell them a joke, ask them a question or just have a chat- try to forget your holding the camera until you get their attention and then capture the image- just don’t ask them to smile to avoid that big old cheesy grin with a million teeth!!

Here are a couple of examples of putting this to practice…

2013-03-04_0005 2013-03-04_0007 2013-03-04_0008

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