The Wedding of Paul & Paula- Sneak Peek

It seems an age ago that I first met this couple when they booked me to photograph their big day, and then all of a sudden their day came around. A week of snow, icy winds and low temperatures didn’t put us in a positive position for the weather at todays wedding- especially when we arrived to snow on the ground at Whinstone View. However, as the clouds cleared and the sun came out it became a glorious day… here are a few of my favourites from today…


2013-03-30_0017 2013-03-30_0016 2013-03-30_0018 2013-03-30_0015 2013-03-30_0019 2013-03-30_0020 2013-03-30_0021 2013-03-30_0022 2013-03-30_0023 2013-03-30_0024 2013-03-30_0025 2013-03-30_0026 2013-03-30_0027 2013-03-30_0028 2013-03-30_0029 2013-03-30_0032 2013-03-30_0033 2013-03-30_0031 2013-03-30_0030 2013-03-30_0034

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