2013- The story so far….

I can’t believe it is April already- and I know I say this to myself every year, but this one is absolutely flying by. I guess its true what they say; “Time flies when your having fun!”

So far this year I’ve been lucky enough to photograph two new wedding venues- Winstone View and Newton Hall. I was totally blown away with both venues for very different reasons and I cannot wait to shoot at them both again. We’ve shot a great range of engagement sessions including one 1300ft up on a mountain in North Yorkshire in the middle of a blizzard and a beautiful urban shoot on Gateshead Quayside.

I’ve met some awesome couples and booked some amazing weddings for 2014 and 2015 at some venues and locations to die for, not to mention the fashion and commercial work I’ve been doing in conjunction with a great North East Business.

On a personal note, I became an Uncle again to gorgeous twins Ruby & Max (what out for shots of these two in the next couple of weeks!!) and my little Noah (6 months) said his first word- Dad!! I had the slight inconvenience of being rushed into hospital to have my appendix taken out recently but that meant getting to spend lots of time being looked after by my beautiful wife while I recovered- so not all bad!

All in all its been a pretty amazing four months of 2013, and I for one cannot wait to see what the next few months hold! Here is a quick look at some of the images from this year so far…


2013-02-02_0039 2013-02-02_0054 2013-02-03_0001 2013-02-03_0008 2013-02-03_0011 2013-02-10_0008 2013-02-10_0014 2013-02-10_0016 2013-02-25_0015 2013-02-25_0011 2013-02-25_0007 2013-03-09_0009 2013-03-09_0015 2013-03-09_0019 2013-03-09_0016 2013-03-09_0020 2013-03-09_0023 2013-03-29_0005.jpg 2013-03-29_0002.jpg 2013-03-30_0015 2013-03-30_0025 2013-03-30_0030 2013-03-30_0032

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