Quick Tip Monday- Textures

Although I started this series of Quick Tips with every intention of posting a brand new tip every monday, time just hasn’t allowed– no matter how much I tried!!

The plan is now at least one Monday a month I will post a brand new set of tips of how to best capture photographs of your own children with minimal requirement for expensive equipment, specialist lighting or a studio type set up.

This time I have looked at the use of texture- I literally shot these in my back garden 5 minutes before writing this blog to show that with the right kind of sunlight (the magic hour) you can achieve a beautiful look. For these four images I have used four different background textures within the confines of my back garden; Brick work, slat fencing, decking and mud!


Using a slightly different angle on something like brickwork and shooting with a low depth of field i.e f2.8, f.4 you can achieve a very creative yet simple look. Whereas, shooting onto slat fencing directly and choosing a slightly different crop gives the image a different kind of look and imposes a feeling size from the background.

The shot against the mud, being a very dark background, naturally pops the face of Oliver as he is in a great spot to catch the best of the light with the background in shadow. Combining two types of texture or background can sometimes be difficult to pull of, but with the image of the spaced fencing and decking it works well as a blend to articulate the dfferent levels and the seating space Oliver was using.

All in all a very simple set of images shot in a very simple way- it just goes to show that you don’t need the most jaw dropping back drops to achieve beautiful images…Now to mix it up a little more…..

If we use exactly the same backdrops/textures but change the angle slightly, or the distance at which the child is away from the background we can create a totally different look yet again. This is why I tell my clients that no matter where we are, within 100 yards I can find “100 different backdrops” and it is through using different angles and techniques that I can…

2013-05-06_0018 2013-05-06_0019 2013-05-06_0021 2013-05-06_0020


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