To E-Shoot or not to E-shoot….

Ok, so forgive me for the cheesy title to this blog but it pretty much sums up the feeling towards engagement sessions, love shoots, e-shoots or whatever you might want to call them.

Some couples love the idea of having more photographs taken on the lead up to their big day.

Some couples absolutely dread the thought of having to have photographs taken on two separate occasions.


I, personally, love engagement shoots as I call them. They are a great opportunity to get to know my couples in a more fun way, it gives them and I an opporunity to see how each other react when the camera is around and it also means they get a great practice for what I might ask them to do on their wedding day which is usually “Be yourself!”


I always suggest using a slightly different location to where the wedding will be shot so that we have a total contrast between the two this I must admit is to satisfy my desire for fun and interesting locations but also to try to bring my couples out of their shell a bit in a location they know. It might be where they met, where they had their first date or kiss, or it just might be somewhere they like visiting.


There are two important aspects for me when it comes to engagement shoots;

1- Ensuring the couple feel as comfortable as possible about having me taking their photographs both on the engagement shoot, but more importantly on their wedding day.

2- Capturing the personality of my couples and the way they really interact with each other.


I always use this example with my couples because it does explain why I want natural and relaxed images….I am 6’5″ and my Wife is only 5’2″. Yes there is a huge difference between us but I have very poor posture which means I stoop down slightly. Now, if I was having my picture taken and so one told me to stand up straight and puff my chest out it just wouldn’t look like me, I wouldn’t feel comfortable or natural and it would show in my face and obviously in the images.



More and more of my couples who have sat and talked to me at the booking process are now well into the idea of the engagement shoot. It’s an opportunity for them to show off their partner before the day, have some fun with me (I like to have fun when I shoot) and to help them feel 100% at ease on the day itself.

I’ve shared a few images through this blog that I have taken at engagement sessions this year…here are a few more…


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