Who Am I….?

So, it struck me yesterday that lots of my clients who enquire through my website, blog and Facebook, don’t actually use my name. It tends to start “Hi there”….and this bothers me a little. This is obviously no fault of the couples who are enquiring but I guess my lack of a face within my brand. With this in mind I wanted to share a little bit of information about me and help people to realise that Xtraordinary Photography isn’t a network of photographers working together….its actually just me!



So, now you know my name is Chris. Well actually it’s Christopher, but hey that’s just for my Mother.

So here’s a little more about me…I’ve been married to the beautiful girl I met at 18 for nearly 7 years now, and we have two awesome kids Oliver (6) and Noah (16 months). I’m the youngest of three with my Big Brother Sean being an inspirational teacher at a local secondary school, and my very brainy sister being a Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager- OOO EERR!

Some quick fire facts about me;

  • I played for England U-19’s Basketball Team
  • I used to be County Cross Country Champion
  • I was once on the News about being 6’2″at 12 years old
  • I have bent little fingers (its genetic(thanks mother))
  • I’m a massive fan of music- especially Maximo Park- A North East Band


So there you go, now you know a little more about me! Watch out over the next few days for some of my most recent work from weddings, engagement shoots and band portraits!


Chow for now!



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