Ashley & Costa Studio Night

So it started with a concept of a shoot I seen where Beyonce worked with Vogue and an idea for a background that I had seen where Brett Harkness created a backdrop in his home studio  and I wanted to pair the two of them together….I knew the exact model who  could pull of this look and a great creative team to bring it together.


I started by constructing a frame out of 3×2″ CLS timber mounted on the back of some 12mm MDF sheets to give it some rigidity. I filled all of the holes and gave it a primer in some grey paint I had spare so that the “Cement” could key to it. I used Rapid set tile adhesive as the “cement” and boy was it rapid! I literally got one side of the panel done and the adhesive starting setting in the tub I had mixed it in, so it has a tough task to get it on the wall and for it to spread fairly evenly. I used some spare flooring from the kitchen and bathroom to give the area a base.




This shoot was part of a creative evening I was hosting at the studio , so we had another ten photographers attending and using the set ups we had. Ashley (our model) was perfect for this set up and style…. enough talking here are a couple of headline shots…


2014-10-14_0001 2014-10-14_0002 2014-10-15_0001

In terms of lighting, for the standing shots, these were lit by a strip softbox over Ashley’s left shoulder directed towards the wall, and a beauty dish off to the left of the camera to provide fill light. See the diagram below;


We also had the very cool and crisp Costa as part of this session…

2014-10-16_0003 2014-10-16_0002 2014-10-16_0001


A massive thanks to everyone who came along for this shoot but most of all the creative team who turned my vision into reality…


Model – Ashley Robertson

Model – Costa Toulis

MUA – Laura Lou

Stylist – Steph O’Neill



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