Owner/Photographer- Chris Ord

• Husband to a gorgeous and rather hilarious Laura
• Father to Oliver- quite literally a carbon copy of me (it’s scary how much he acts like me…or me like him, haven’t quite figured that one out yet)
• Loves Dr Pepper- the drink not the practitioner, Parma Violets and pineapple juice.
• Hates coleslaw (even though I like all of the ingredients separately), traffic jams and any kind of celebrity reality TV!
• Is 1.98m tall- that’s 6ft 5 ½ in old money

I’ve always had an interest in photography, although carrying my Dad’s 35m SLR with a 90-300mm zoom around my neck at the age of 9 did feel like torture!

It wasn’t until my wife fell pregnant, and the sad passing of my Nana who had left me a little money, that I decided to go and buy a “proper camera”. I was pretty much hooked from this point onwards and spent pretty much every minute with a camera in my hand. I regularly went out with my Dad (Alex) and brother (Sean) who you will meet later, to shoot landscapes, bridges and castles and all of the lovely scenery we have here in the North.

Since then it’s been all about the people. Starting by shooting portraits in my living room for friends and family, and shooting our first wedding for my brother in law in 2008, the business has grown to something I am extremely proud of.

I’m not going to go on any longer about myself, but feel free to have a look around the site, browse our images, visit our blog and you will get a taste of what Xtraordinary Photography is about; fun, relaxing and beautiful imagery.

Co-Founder/Photographer- Sean Ord

Sean (my brother) launched this business along with Alex and myself back in 2008 and since then has gone on to develop the brand that exists today. With a keen eye for detail, some would say pedantic, Sean has a fun outlook on photography and this clearly rubs off on the clients.

Co-Founder/Photographer- Alex Ord

Alex (my Dad) is quite literally the founding father of Xtraordinary Photography; having introduced Sean and myself to the world of photography at a young age, and then again a few years ago and creating the business we have today. He even came up with the name! Although I did want to call it Chrisopher James Photography…….I think he was right….

Portrait Photographer/Assistant Wedding- Rachael Feechan

Rachael is a fantastic addition to the team, one of which I am very proud of. Having worked under several of the North East’s top photographers, Rachael is now working along side Xtraordinary Photography on both the portrait and wedding sides.

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